Local elections 2022: Poll suggests key Tory council Wandsworth could fall to Labour for first time in 40 years as voting begins – live

Latest updates: Voting for local elections begins across as some models suggest Labour set to make gains in key English councils

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Good morning. Voters have already started going to the polls across the UK in elections that could determine whether or not the Conservative party decides to stick with Boris Johnson as its leader, that will almost certaintly see Sinn Féin, the republican party committed to a united Ireland, become the largest party in the Northern Ireland assembly for the first time, triggering a crisis in unionism, and that will provide that will provide the best indication to date as to whether Labour is on course to win the next general election.

Last night YouGov published some new polling looking at what might happen in 16 key councils in England. In his analysis, YouGov’s Patrick English wrote:

Our models suggest that while Labour will make gains up and down England, they will find their pace of growth to be much slower in some areas of the country than others.

Overall, the story is fairly consistent – we expect swings of varying sizes from the Conservatives to Labour in all areas, and also some notable improvements for the Greens and independent/smaller party candidates. However, the Conservative vote seems to be holding up better in some areas of England than others, and this will impact the pattern of results on the night.

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