‘It’s a lawless place’: working in the real life Ten Percent

As English language remake of Call My Agent! launches, a former insider describes what life at a talent agency is really like

Ten Percent, the English language remake of French smash hit Call My Agent!, premiered on Prime Video this week after months of anticipation.

Taking its cue from the original, it’s full of storylines about agents dealing with needy, fragile and often narcissistic clients, as well as cameos from the likes of Helena Bonham Carter, Dominic West, Himesh Patel and David Harewood. Though much of the plot remains the same, the quirky French mannerisms are replaced with a stuffy British way of doing things. “If Ten Percent seems, on occasion, too deferential to the showbiz world, this is its luvviest concession,” a Guardian review said.

Everyone in my office who I spoke to and agents that I admired and got on with who watched the show found it very funny and related to it a lot.

The themes of it are very on point. The show captured the sense of what those relationships between agent and client are like and how toxic they can become because of the lack of regulation, the power dynamics and the strange egos that coexist within our strange world of celebrity.

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