Review of mother and daughter’s murders could save lives, family hopes

Relatives want an official review of the killing of Laura Mortimer and Ella Dalby to spark better collaboration between police, social services and others

Ella Dalby would have been 16 this summer. She loved Latin American and ballroom dancing. Her parents were separated, but she saw her father, Tom, every weekend, as part of a close extended family. In the early hours of 28 May 2018, in the kitchen of her Gloucester home, Ella, 11, was stabbed 24 times by Christopher Boon, 28, her stepfather.

Ella was trying to protect her mother, Laura Mortimer, 31, whom she adored. Laura was stabbed 18 times in what the judge called “wanton savagery”. Boon fled, leaving his and Laura’s two younger daughters, aged six and two, alone in the house after telling them that he had killed their mummy and sister.

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