Can Boris Johnson survive partygate? The betrayed public will decide

The reek of hypocrisy and contempt for an assumed sense of national shared sacrifice is what endangers the PM

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Mary Soames, the daughter of Winston Churchill, described the prospect of her father’s enforced resignation from Downing Street, largely because of illness, as “his first death”. Prime ministers rarely leave office willingly. Margaret Thatcher memorably had tears in her eyes as she drove away from her home of 10 years. Perhaps she was remembering the gentle advice from her closest adviser, Charles Powell, immediately after her third election triumph in 1987, suggesting that after two further years in office it would be wise for her to resign willingly.

“There comes a point when your reputation and standing as an historic figure are more important to your party to your cause and to the country than even yourself can be,” he wrote, suggesting it would then be time for her to contribute in some other way.

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