Boris Johnson admits attending May 2020 lockdown party at No 10 and apologises – PMQs live

Prime minister says he thought party was a ‘work event’ but concedes he should have stopped the gathering on 20 May 2020

Boris Johnson admits attending Downing Street party during lockdown‘Indefensible’: Tory MPs give verdicts on No 10 garden partyCrunch time for Boris Johnson: how will this end for beleaguered PM?Global coronavirus updates – live

Another journalist who is very well plugged in to the thinking of Tory MPs is the Conservative Home editor Paul Goodman, a former MP himself. In what might be a rather ominous development for Johnson, Goodman devotes his main ConHome article this morning to discussing the process by which the Conservative party might go about replacing him (although he does not describe Johnson’s resignation as inevitable).

Ed Davey, the Lib Dem leader, has said Boris Johnson should resign. He told BBC Breakfast:

Boris Johnson is now incapable of leading our country through this public health crisis – I actually think he is a threat to the health of the nation, because no-one will do anything he says because he has now shown to have been deceitful, so Boris Johnson must now resign …

He said to parliament and to the country before Christmas when he was apologising that he didn’t know about the parties, and now we know he was at at least one of those parties.

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