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As the 2022 midterms approach, ProPublica wants to hear directly from the people involved in the administration of our elections — local clerks, canvassers, poll workers and more — about new challenges on the job. We’d like to stay in touch as this election season unfolds. Are you facing pressures you haven’t experienced before? Are you encountering onerous restrictions? Have you seen evidence of votes being miscounted? Do you fear that fewer people in your community will vote or that fewer of their votes will count? Tell us what you’re seeing.

We’re also hoping to build relationships with academics, policymakers and other experts for future reporting. All of these responses will shape our ongoing coverage of this important issue.

We appreciate you sharing your story, and we take your privacy seriously. We are gathering these stories for the purposes of our reporting, and we will contact you if we wish to publish any part of your story.

We are the only ones reading what you submit. If you would prefer to use an encrypted app, see our advice at You can message us on signal at 347-244-2134. Prefer email? Send questions to

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