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Landslide in Southern India; 40 killed
Sam Asharaf - South Asia Correspondent

Trivandrum, India, Nov. 12 2001 (INS News) -- Forty persons killed in a major landslide at Amboori, 30 km from here, in Trivandrum District, Kerala State.

The calamity occured on Friday night when a portion of 700 meter high hillside strewn with boulders got water-logged in heavy rain and come tyumbling down,swept away odd houses.

24 victims fron a single family who were present for a betrothal.

The worst natural calamity in Keral in recent years struck, claiming 40 lives, last night.

Heavy rain lashing in the area and pitched darkness caused by power failure hampered the rescue operations and spoiled the chances of finding body.

Power supply in Amboori and nearby area was totally snapped following heavy rains accompanied by thunder.

The massive joint operations by army, rapid action force, Police and Fireforce helped in extricating most of bodies from the debris.

The rescue operations carried out under the supervision of Inspector General of Police, Southern Zone, V.R. Rajeevan and Hemachandran Deputy Inspector General of Police.

A.K. Antony, Chief Minister of Kerala, who was in meeting with top officials of Police and Revenue, rushed to the spot with his ministerial colleagues, assessed situation.

Chief Minister called an urgent Cabinet Meeting to take stock of the relief measures and to condole the death of the people in the major landslide, at Amboori.

The cabinet also decided to extend a relief of Rs,50,000 to deceased and Rs.15,000 to each child victim.

Governmnet had decided to evacuate families living on both sides of thee accident site to safer place.

Anton said the cabiney felt Government should have a Disaster Management System to tackle crisis of similar nature.

President Shri. K.R. Narayanan expressed shock and grief over the loss of lives and damage to the property in land slide in Trivandum District.

The President in his message wished the injury a speedy recovery.

Mrs, Sonia Gandhi expressed shock and distress over tragedy.

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